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University of Cádiz

With over two and half centuries of history, the University of Cádiz (UCA) is an institution of higher education with a national and international reputation. It’s geographical distribution in four campuses within the province (Bay of Algeciras, Cádiz, Jerez and Puerto Real) is a unique feature that enables the university to extend it’s teaching, and create areas of specialization through almost a hundred degree qualifications. With an annual intake above 20,000 students, UCA is distinguished by it’s focus on research, represented in nearly 1,200 active investigators. It participates in four Andalusian Campus of Excellence with other universities to improve their quality and enhance their social and economic environment.

Internationalization is also a priority for UCA as shows the three foreign educational organizations leaded in the Strait of Gibraltar, Latin America and Russia. It is also the Spanish University with the most international cooperation projects financed by the AECI. In addition, UCA library of Spain is the only one certified with the “European Seal of Excellence +400” and recently received recognition as an International Agricultural Campus of Excellence from the Ministry of Education.


22.069 million euros. Third Andalusian province with a regular annual GNP growth throughout the last decade up to
8% (2004).

International trade

Above 17.500 million euros a year.
The largest volume in Southern Spain due to the following industries: oil refining, metallurgical materials, wine and cut flowers.
An increasingly dynamic area with nearly 63,000 companies and constant annual increases (2008).


More than 560,000 actively employed, mainly within the Service and Industrial sectors.

Human resources

One of the Spanish regions with the highest rate of skilled young people and labour costs currently below the Spanish and European averages.