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Almadrabas en Cádiz Fishermen and divers working the cod in a trap off Cádiz. Almadrabas en Cádiz

Fishing: From Ancient Art to a new Aquaculture and processing industry

Tunny nets

The fishing tradition lives on in Cádiz and is reviving with emerging sectors and processing industries, adding value.

For three thousands years, now, each year in Spring, an ancient fishing art of Arab origin occurs along part of the Cádiz coast-traditional and spectacular, pure and exceptional. The four Tuna traps that survive off the coast of Conil, Barbate and Tarifa maintain the traditional system of catching the tuna in previously hand-woven distinctively shaped mesh nets.

Renowned as authentic ‘delicatessen’ in international markets, especially in Japan, the specimens have an average weight of 150 kilos and their market value exceeds 7,500 euros per tonne. They also form the main basis of the processing industry in Andalusia, which produces canned, salted and smoked tuna and which is growing as much in commercial value as in sales.