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Tradition and worldwide prestige Tradition and worldwide prestige

Cheese from the Sierra de Cádiz

Combining world-class quality and ancient tradition. Recognized as the ‘Best cheese in the world’ at the World Cheese Awards 2008 amongst 2900 competitors, Payoyo goat ́s and sheep ́s cheese has become, in just a few short years, a Cádiz hallmark worldwide within an agricultural industry with a very bright future. The production area is confined to the mountains of Cádiz and Ronda, and, in particular, to the small town of Villaluenga del Rosario with just 500 inhabitants.

The distinctive ‘hand-made’ production process is based upon techniques inherited from local shepherds, utilizing pure whole milk direct from the udder, with a mixture of Iberian pork lard and rosemary which is used to coat the cheese – these ingredients provide both texture and a delicious taste which earned this product thirteen world medals, a record achievement in the World Cheese Championships.

The current production is about 90 tonnes per year, but international recognition and the expansion of previous levels of investment will cause this figure to grow in coming years.