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Solar panels located on the road between Rota and Sanlúcar. View of the interior area of La Janda, the region with more wind potential, as well as Campo de Gibraltar.


The province of Cádiz is rich in wind, water and sunshine, three natural resources which underpin the energy sector’s gross added value of approximately 740 million euros.

Almost three decades after pioneering the first Spanish wind turbine installation in thetown of Tarifa, in 1983.

Cádiz retains its prime position within both Andalusia and Spain, with 61 wind farms by late 2009 and a total capacity of 1195.10 MW.

It was also the first to have a ‘combined-cycle’ power plant in San Roque, and now operates four such plants. It is an international epicentre for oil-refining and is advancing the implementation of solar panels and the creation of a component manufacturing industry. It continues to lead the development of new renewable energies by building a large solar thermal-energy complex due to be operational soon.