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64% of the aided investment in the Competitive Bay environment correspond to NACE 3, integrating the activities of: Manufacture of furniture, jewelry, medical devices, aerospace, electrical equipment, etc..

These activities recieve aid from the Innovation Agency of 344 million euros, followed in importance by, CNAEs 1 and 2, with respective investments of 96.1 and 71.8 million euros.

The Agency For Innovation and for the funding and assistance for business initiatives, has Own Funds and the Andalucian Global Grant (ERDF) 2006 - 2013.

Analysis of other CNAEs is not so important, we only point to those of the NCEA 7, with an investment of 17.1 billion euros and an aid of 4.8 million euros

The NCEA 7, provides research and development together with the technical engineering services, as well as advertising agencies, industrial cleaning companies and computer activities.