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Aerial view Port of Cádiz. Tourists on a cruise in front of the city of Cádiz. Two cruisers and a sailboat moored in the Port of Cádiz.


A port open to the city, with catamaran services, which maintains its fishing tradition whilst increasing strongly its level of cruise ship traffic. It is the Spanish port with the sixth highest volume of cruise passengers, with more than 230,000 per year (2009) and an annual growth exceeding 20%. Cádiz port is also ranked second after Vigo in terms of its annual fish catch with an average of 21 tonnes over the last three years.

Principal regular connections (containers): The Canary Islands (freight and passenger); Casablanca (Morocco), Lisbon (Portugal), USA (West Coast), Canada (Montreal), Dublin (Ireland), Antwerp (Belgium), Valencia, Vigo, Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Hamburg (Germany).