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The province has an extensive network of new high-capacity roads which is a perfect mesh between the main towns. The province has an extensive network of new high-capacity roads which is a perfect mesh between the main towns.


Because of its unique topography with large urban conurbations but with few small towns, the province of Cádiz has a high quality road network.

Motorways AP-4

46.2 km. (AP-4) between Jerez and Sevilla (with connections to Lebrija, Los Palacios and Las Cabezas de San Juan).

Dual Carriageways A-4

Jerez - Cádiz 40 km crossing the Bay of Cádiz from Jerez Airport to San Fernando forming the spine on which the whole structure is based - a high capacity road network within the region, uniting Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María, Puerto Real, San Fernando and Cádiz. The dual carriageway is being extended to Sevilla (90 km more), and will be the second high-capacity road connec- tion to Sevilla, and from there to the rest of the Peninsula.

Dual Carriageways A-48

Autovía Costa de la Luz 36 km running along the Cádiz coastline, linking the towns of San Fernando, Chiclana, Conil, Vejer and in the future, Barbate and Tarifa, thus completing the coastal route to Algeciras Bay (A-7).

Autovía A-7

Algeciras - Provincia de Málaga 35 km; the section of the Mediterranean dual carriageway which links the Bay of Algeciras first to Málaga and then to the remaining coastal provinces as far as the French border.

Dual Carriageways A-381

Jerez - Los Barrios 88.3 kilometres; a beautiful road which crosses the province from East to West and connects two metropolitan areas, namely the Bay of Cádiz (AP-4) and the Bay of Algeciras (A-7).
Known as the ‘Green Highway’, it has achieved European recognition for its integration with the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales and its respect for the environment, with so-called ‘green bridges’, ‘wildlife crossing- structures’ and the regeneration of species.

Dual Carriageways A-382

Jerez - Arcos (and an extension to Algodonales) 29.1 kilometres recently brought into service, bringing the ‘Sierra de Cádiz’ closer to the rest of the province. Commencement of the Algodonales extension, (over 50 kilometres), is due shortly and this road will then connect the northern areas of both Cádiz and Málaga provinces.

Dual Carriageways A-480

Jerez - Sanlucar - Chipiona 27.4 kilometres to tour the vineyards of the Marco de Jerez.